Who We Are

Johanna Davis sings and plays fiddle and shruti box.  She grew up in Round Pond, Maine and started playing the fiddle in the 4th grade at Waldorf School.  She grew up in a thriving community of dancers and contradance musicians, and yes, she was one of those little kids with a sleeping bag at the contradance hall.

Adam Nordell plays guitar, sings, stamps his feet in syncopated patterns and sometimes plays the banjo.   He grew up in the hills south of Helena, Montana.  At age 13 he received a bass guitar instead of a Bar Miztvoh, and yes, things have gone downhill since.   He discovered high octane, traditional fiddle music at the little contradance in Trenton, Maine.  Soon there-after, he bought a guitar and a pair of leather soled cowboy boots.  He also performs as a songwriter, and the duo performs Nordell’s songs alongside traditional fiddle tunes and ballads in concert.

Adam & Johanna also operate Songbird Farm, a certified organic, mixed vegetable farm on a south facing hill in Unity, ME.  Along with a variety of other crops, they grow sweet potatoes, melons, dry beans and heritage grains.